Couple goals memes- Best memes for loving couples

Couple goals memes- Couple represents love, unity. There are various moments, emotions which couple enjoys and live with it.  We need to understand what they think in different situations, how they react on it.  So for this, I present you cute couple memes, where you will see various moments on them.

Couple memes- Bad food made by girlfriend

Couple goals memes
Couple goals memes

When our loved ones especially girlfriend prepares some recipe for us, we expect that food to be very tasty and delicious. But if it doesn't meet our expectations then we become disappointed.

Once my girlfriend has prepared a vegetable soup for me. I was happy because after a long time I will be taster her cooked recipe. I started eating the soup but to me, it looked tasteless as if something was missing on it.

She was asking me how was the soup, I was thinking whether to tell her that the soup was not that good but could not tell her properly thinking she will be sad. This was one of the Couple goals memes on bad food made by my girlfriend.

Couple memes- Made for each other

Couple goals memes
Couple goals memes

Majority of couples think they are made for each other but when someone praises them openly, they become happier. They feel like everyone is acknowledging their love.

In every evening a couple used to walk in a park to spend time with each other. One day an old man, who knows them earlier told that you both are made for each other. After hearing such cute words from him they both looked at each other with a smile.

From that day the couple promised to themselves that they will develop a more strong bonding between them. This was one of the Couple goals memes on made for each other.

Couple memes- Romantic love

Couple goals memes
Couple goals memes

Once my cousin sister's boyfriend called her in a park to propose her.  Just like this guy in the photo, he kneels down in front of her and my sister covered her eyes with both the hands. 

She was very shy and there were some people in the park also, so the boy proposing her in front them made my sister very nervous. She wanted to enjoy the moment but couldn't do it. This happens to all girls in a similar situation like this, but it was her special day, and she got the best gift of love.😻

Even like her boyfriend, I want to face such a situation of love someday. Not only me, I think more couples would love to face such situation but till then we must enjoy this Couple goals memes on romantic love.

Couple memes- Hectic schedule

Couple goals memes
Couple goals memes

In life we have to do many kinds of work, in such a scenario we can't get enough time to spend with our partners.

Since a few years, a couple could not get time to spend time with each other due to their hectic schedule. One day after office the boy was going home on the bus, suddenly he saw her girlfriend on the bus who was also returning home. He told her 'Let's spend some time together'. The girl smiled and agreed to go.

Then they both left the bus midway and went to a Caffe for some enjoyment. They both looked refreshed and energetic. Actually, we all need such kind of refreshment in life. This was one of the Couple goals memes on hectic schedule

Couple Memes- Confusing situation

Couple goals memes
Couple goals memes

Relationships bring happiness, they also bring a sense of responsibility.  But many couples are there, whose relationship broke or not running smoothly. I must say this situation is quite common.

An elder man and woman were in a relationship for a few years. But they were not sure of their relationship as on various issues they both disagree with each other. They tried to compromise many times but still, differences came out.

These type of confusing relationships gives us pain, kills our happiness. So you must be careful before entering in any new relationship. Just talk to your partner and try to solve the issues. This is also one of the Couple goals memes on the confusing situation.

Couple Memes- Eye contact

Couple goals memes
Couple goals memes

Eye contacts play a crucial role in lovemaking.  When any couple meets on their first date, they become timid, don't understand who will speak first. At that time, they look at each other's eyes and try to calm each other.

You don't have to speak, your eyes will tell you what you want. In my job training on graphic design, I used to like a girl, but because of our hesitation, we couldn't speak as much but our eyes used to speak a lot. This is a different form of love which has its own creativity.

My many friends have expressed their love through the eye contact. If any person is shy then eye contact works for them wonderfully. You need to be careful that you must not overuse eye contact, then it may not work for you.  This is one of the Couple goals memes on eye contact.


In this article, I have shown you various aspects of Couple goals memes.  Some are funny, some of them are romantic, confusing but overall a sense of passion is there.  I hope you have enjoyed my cute couple memes, so please comment below what you think of my article.

Have a nice day.

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