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Hilarious jokes of the day

Hilarious jokes of the day- Life sometimes makes us very sad.  We become very depressed and sometimes also feel 'is life a joke'?  In that case, jokes make us smile, and we can forget our sorrow and try to enjoy life.  So here are some hilarious jokes of the day that will make you smile more.

Hilarious joke of teacher    
Hilarious jokes of the day
Hilarious jokes of the day
I was in college then, and my teacher was teaching history. The climate outside was somewhat overcast and romantic yet the history subject was very exhausting for me so I chose to check my Whatsapp yet was extremely careful with the goal that the teacher couldn't see me doing such things.

I was checking various love messages which my girlfriend have sent to me. Suddenly I saw mam was looking at me and asking 'Priyo, are you listening to what I am teaching'?  I replied 'yes mam'.😐

But mam did not trust me and she came near me.  I was a bit nervous then but I gave her my phone and told 'mam, actually I am writing on lectures'.  I was lucky that she did not check my notes, otherwise, I should have been in an embarrassing position.

So this was my hilarious jokes of the day in college.😃

Hilarious joke of cooking            
Hilarious jokes of the day
Hilarious jokes of the day
 I want to learn cooking.  So one day I decided to prepare something for my family. It took me around an hour to decide about the recipe and finally I planned to make an omelette.

At first, I was confused about how many eggs should I take for making an omelette.  It looks bit stupid now but at that time I was totally blind about it.

Finally, I prepared omelette and showed it to my parents. They said it is omelette or Kenyan map.  I replied in a funny way 'Dad, you should applaud your son for making a Kenyan map'.😅  My dad smiled and that smile was my hilarious jokes of the day.😃

Hilarious joke of the day- mother    
Hilarious jokes of the day
Hilarious jokes of the day

I sometimes become very lazy.  By the way, don't think that I am totally a lazy guy.  I do some work also...hehe.   Actually, one day I was feeling very lazy and was not in a mood for doing anything.

I thought I will sleep throughout the day or will watch tv. I was watching tv and suddenly my mom came from outside and told me 'dear, why are you wasting your time watching tv'?  You don't know tv is an 'idiot box'.😠  She also said I was becoming idle day by day.

I said 'oh my loving mom, yes I am watching tv but my mind is elsewhere'.  Mom said 'what do you mean'??   I said my eyes are on tv screen but my brain is thinking about how to get a job and earn more money.  She smiled and said 'son, you are so funny'.😈

So with my mom, this was the hilarious jokes of the day.🙂

Hilarious joke of Valentine's day 
Hilarious jokes of the day
Hilarious jokes of the day

My friend was engaged for 2 years.  His girlfriend was very sweet and caring.  He used to buy various gifts for her from time to time. 

As Valentine's day was knocking on the doors, she asked 'baby, what will you present me this V-day'?
He said 'Nothing darling'.  She again said 'are you joking baby', this is Valentine's day'.😐  

He said 'yeah I know but with you, every day is Valentine's day to me, so nothing special of this day'.
Actually, it was very tough to convince her but at last, she accepted it. This was one of the hilarious jokes of the day on Valentine's Day.

Hilarious joke of cat
Hilarious jokes of the day
Hilarious jokes of the day

Dogs and cats are not the best of friends, but still, sometimes they bond well with each other.  Once there was a dog and cat, who were the best of friends.  

The dog always saw his friend is different from other cats in the sense that he always do more 'meow' than others.  So one day the dog asked his friend 'why are you doing more meow than others'.?  The cat replied 'friend, look at other cats, they don't get much food from people, but I get more food because I always do "meow".  So when I do "meow," people think my stomach is empty, so they serve food more.😼'

The dog said 'very smart, my friend'.  So this was cat's hilarious jokes of the day.😄

Hilarious joke of Husband   
Hilarious jokes of the day
Hilarious jokes of the day

I think this situation was the same for almost all the husbands in the world.😅  No husband has the guts to tell her wife about her mistakes or complain about her.  If he does so his life will become very complicated. 

So my advice to all husbands is to obey your wife's orders and live peacefully.🤭  This was the hilarious jokes of the day on the husband.


Hopefully, my hilarious jokes of the day will make you happy.  Please comment below what you feel about these jokes. Very soon I will come with more such jokes.

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