Best funny memes ever- Meme quotes for fun, smile

 Best funny memes ever- We always look for something very funny or hilarious jokes when life is not going smooth for us. At that moment some kind of refreshment of mind is necessary. Here are some funny, beautiful memes you will enjoy reading below.

Best funny memes- Buying something 

Best funny memes ever
Best funny memes ever

Friends are like God's gift for us. They make us smile and with them around we enjoy life with full enthusiasm. But sometimes some funny incidents happen between friends that make our mood quite jovial. 

 I went to a shopping mall with my friend a few months ago. There we both liked the same t-shirt. My friend told me to buy but I refused at first then he convinced me to buy that shirt. I was looking for other kinds of shirts also in the meantime he bought that t-shirt of mine and told me sorry bro I have bought your fav t-shirt for me.  

I don't know what to tell him my face was completely surprised and it was a bit funny also.😅 So it was one of my best funny memes ever with my friend. 

Best funny memes- Studying

Best funny memes ever
Best funny memes ever

We all have to study during school, college days. It is not that we love to study all the time but under pressure from our parent's, schools, our study continues. 

It was a weekend and my exams were also over and I was not in a mood to study. My mom told me to study for a few hours and then you are free. Hearing it I made a very peculiar face and mom told me 'hey, I have told you to study and you are making a face as if I told you to eat bitter gourd'.😈

 I just laughed and laughed it was so funny.😄 This is also one of my best funny memes ever regarding the study. 

Best funny memes- Interruption in work

Best funny memes ever
Best funny memes ever

We do not want any disturbance while doing work, whether in the office or at home. But sometimes we have to face disturbances which hamper our work.

A girl was doing her office work on laptop from her home. She was checking emails sent by clients from different countries. Suddenly her mom called her as she was searching for something which she did not find. The girl became very disturbed at this and went to her mom.

She told her mom to not call her when she will be doing her office work as it will be difficult for her to concentrate on her job. This was one of the Best funny memes ever on interruption in work.

Best funny memes- An expression of happiness 

Best funny memes ever
Best funny memes ever

Not only in childhood but also in adulthood whenever you heard that your father or mother had brought some gift for you your facial expression changes with joy. 

One day my father called me and told me that he will bring something special to me. I was very anxious to know what he was bringing. Finally, he reached home with my favourite dish mutton biryani.😃 I was so thrilled at that time and it could not be explained in words. 

This type of happy expression is also the best funny memes ever for me. 

Best funny memes- Decision making

Best funny memes ever
Best funny memes ever

Whether you are a member of any club social group or any organisations if someone takes a decision without consulting you it hurts badly. You don't have any idea to react at that point. 

 I was a member of a club in my neighbourhood. One day one of the other members of the club told me that they have taken a decision to organise cricket tournaments in our neighbourhood. Hearing the news from him I felt a bit disappointed at least they have consulted me. 

But somehow I forgot that incident and thought it is some kind of fun played on me. So this process of decision making is my best funny memes ever.

Best funny memes- Breakup 

Best funny memes ever
Best funny memes ever

In a relationship, breakup happens always and we cannot ignore it and sometimes you cannot deal with the situation properly. 

My cousin was in a relationship a few months ago. Their relation was going on smoothly but suddenly one day his girlfriend told him that she is quitting the relationship. My cousin was completely devastated as he doesn't know why did she do this.😢 

Though the next day his girlfriend told him she is not leaving the relationship, it was just a prank played on him.😅 So finally, it becomes a bit funny. They both are quite happy now. My friend's experience is also one of the best funny memes ever for me personally.


In this post, I have tried to present the best funny memes ever. Please read and enjoy these memes your friends, family. If you like my post then comment below about it. 

Thank you

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