Dirty jokes memes- Best dirty jokes and memes to read

Dirty jokes memes- Are jokes or memes dirty? Well, the answer is yes and no. But what matters is how we enjoy those memes. Let's find out some dirty jokes dirty memes.

Dirty jokes dirty memes of clicking a photo

Dirty jokes memes
Dirty jokes memes

When we see some extraordinary things, whatever it is, we always want to click that picture. Our excitement level goes up at that time.

I went to a birthday party long ago and it was one of my sister's birthday. She had ordered a birthday cake which was just amazing. So I clicked as many pictures of it. That cake was different from other birthday cake which I have seen till now.

While she was talking with her other friends, I clicked again that cake's picture and after that, a sense of joy came into my mind. I felt like have done a big deal. So my excitement of clicking the cake's picture is the Dirty Jokes Memes for me.

Dirty jokes dirty memes of wife's demand

Dirty jokes memes
Dirty jokes memes

When wives tell their husband to do something or demand anything, it's tough to ignore their call, otherwise, peace will be completely destroyed.😅

Once a wife asked her husband to prepare her favourite recipe Gajar(Carrot) halwa, which is a popular Indian dessert. Hearing this, her husband thought 'oh no, how to get out of this problem'?😬
He was scared too but no potion was left for him. Finally, he prepared the dessert.

Her wife tasted it and said the dessert was not bad and the husband's reaction was like he has conquered the whole world. You know why I am saying this.😆  So this can be said the Dirty Jokes Memes of a husband fulfilling his wife's demand.

Dirty jokes and memes- Dirty jokes

Dirty jokes memes
Dirty jokes memes

Jokes can come into your mind at any time. But how will you react on it that is the main question to be asked.

I was talking with my friends in the university and suddenly a dirty joke came into my mind. I was thinking whether to tell this to my friend's now or later. I decided to tell the joke later because our classes were about to start.

One of my friends asked me why am I laughing when we are not discussing any funny matter. I told him that a funny memory of school came into my mind, so was laughing. This was one of the Dirty Jokes Memes on this topic.

Dirty jokes and memes of eating after a long time

Dirty jokes memes
Dirty jokes memes

Majority of people are food lovers. But when they eat something after a long period then you must see their reaction at least.

I love kalakand, which is an Indian sweet very much. But I could not remember the last time I had eaten this, it was so long ago. Suddenly my aunt brought this sweet one day and I feel like eat all of them together. Such was my madness seeing that sweet.

Finally, I ate it and also shared the sweet with my parents. You must be thinking why I became so childish for that sweet, well I can't do anything about it, it is my love.🥰 This is the Dirty Jokes Memes on eating after a long time.

Dirty memes of honeymoon trip

Dirty jokes memes
Dirty jokes memes

Most newlywed married couples go on a honeymoon and there are others who wait for their trip to be finalized.

My one friend married a few months ago but could not go on a honeymoon due to some problem. So his wife was a bit disappointed. She used to argue with her husband all the time regarding it but one day he finalized their honeymoon trip.

But he wanted to surprise her wife, so he wanted to keep the decision secret. Maybe that is the way of showing his love for her. So this is my Dirty Jokes Memes on my friend's honeymoon trip.

Dirty jokes on sing or dance

Dirty jokes memes
Dirty jokes memes

When you are too much happy you don't know what to do, how to celebrate your happiness. There is so much excitement about it. 

I faced the same situation when my graduation results came out, where I scored a high percentage of marks. I want to celebrate it in a different manner but was thinking about how to do. My some friends advised me to go to a restaurant and enjoy but others advised me to organise a home party.

Finally, I celebrated my success with my family at home by eating my mom's cooked recipes. This was one of my memorable happiness which prompted me to write a Dirty Jokes Memes on it.


Here, I have given details about the Dirty Jokes Memes and also explained about it a little. Please let me know whether you have liked my post or not by commenting below.

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