Funniest memes ever made- Best funniest memes for you

Funniest memes ever made- Why we make memes? Just to make everyone happy? Yeah, that's true and it also helps people from getting bored. So to prevent boredness, I have written some best funniest memes to make your mood happy. 

Best funniest memes on strained relationships

Funniest memes ever made
Funniest memes ever made

Sometimes we can see lots of tension in relationships and this often makes our mood bad. But in relationships, you often expect those.

Just a few days ago my friend's fiancee was not replying to her messages, she was also not talking to her. This situation made my friend very worried, a lot of bad thoughts were coming into his mind. He was very tensed thinking about her change in the behaviour.

After a few days, she told him that some critical problems have cropped up in her workplace and were quite busy with that. Also told him he should have trusted her and shouldn't have sent too many messages. Though the issue is serious it is my Funniest Memes Ever Made on this matter.

Best funniest memes on tomboyish girl

Funniest memes ever made
Funniest memes ever made

Some girls are straight forward, tomboyish and they don't care about anything. They want to live in their own world with their set of rules and they have a right to do so.

But how will you know which girl is tomboyish or not?  For that, you need to communicate with a girl, in that way you can know their nature. My cousin once unknowingly tried to make friendship with a girl and she immediately replied no in her answer.

I have seen many such girls in my life, it's better not to mess with them, and it's not a joke. So be careful guys. On this topic, this is my Funniest Memes Ever Made.

Best funniest memes on exam dates

Funniest memes ever made
Funniest memes ever made

We had to face exams in college in different phases. I know exams are boring, disgusting but still, we have no option but to go for it.

In college, we were preparing for our annual exam which was more than 6 months away. But suddenly one day they announced our weekly test schedule, which was about to happen within a week. We were all shocked. It was out of our expectation.

When we asked our teachers they said it was a surprising test to know how prepared we are. It was tough for us to accept but we had no choice left. This was my Funniest Memes Ever Made regarding our situation at that time in college.

Best funniest memes on a naughty girl

Funniest memes ever made
Funniest memes ever made

Do you think it is proud to say that, 'Yes, we are naughty'?  I don't have an answer to this question right now. Though many people love being naughty.

I have met a guy who was the naughtiest, always in a mood to leg pull others. Once I asked him 'why you behave like this, don't you feel tired or bored sometimes'?  He said 'Bro, it is my nature and if try to change myself then I may lose my identity'.

What he said was actually right, nothing more can be said about that. So I have enjoyed all of their naughtiness and this is my Funniest Memes Ever Made on it.

Best funniest memes on colleague's wife

Funniest memes ever made
Funniest memes ever made

In our work, we develop very good relations with some of our colleague's and also with their family too. We became very close friends with them.

A guy working in a call centre becomes best friend with one of his colleague and both of their families developed a good relationship between them. One day that colleague's wife messaged that guy that she wants to meet him alone. He was a bit surprised and immediately messaged her husband, who was on a foreign trip. Her husband told him to meet her.

His wife told that guy that she wanted to buy some t-shirts for her husband, so need some suggestions on which brand is the best and to help her in buying. At last, that guy's tension was over.😍 This is my Funniest Memes Ever Made on that guy's situation.

Best funniest memes on over-possessive wife

Funniest memes ever made
Funniest memes ever made

If there is no possessiveness then love is incomplete. But can we deal with over possessiveness? It's a tricky question I think.

Everything was going on well between a couple but suddenly the husband realises his wife was checking his phone every half an hour, monitoring his workout and so on. When he asked his wife about this she said 'I want to protect you from all the evils, so doing this'. 

He was frustrated, disturbed, could not focus on his work and was also scared of her. I think this type of frustration happens to everyone when their partner becomes so possessive about them. I have tried to make it funny and it's my Funniest Memes Ever Made on possessiveness.


These are all Funniest Memes Ever Made on different topics, which I feel you must read and tell me whether you liked it or not. 

Stay safe and healthy.

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