Funny girlfriend memes - Girlfriend memes for fun, joy

Funny girlfriend memes- Girlfriends have their own identity, personality. But are they funny or angry sometimes? We don't know. Below are some beautiful girlfriend memes for you.

Girlfriend memes on staring

Funny girlfriend memes
Funny girlfriend memes

Boyfriends staring at other girl's faces in the road, college and any other places are quite common. But the problem is this causes anger in the minds of their girlfriends.

In college, my friend is used to look at other girls instead of having a girlfriend. This definitely annoyed her girlfriend and she used to complain to me by telling 'why your friend behave like this'? But I could not give her a proper answer.

My advice to all the boyfriends is don't stare at other girls otherwise it will be very tough for you to handle your girlfriends. So this was one of the Funny Girlfriend Memes on staring.

Girlfriend memes on gossip

Funny girlfriend memes
Funny girlfriend memes

Gossips are the best friend of girls but it does not mean that men did not gossip. I really couldn't understand what they achieve by gossiping against others.

In college life, I saw whenever classes are over, girls started gossiping. I once asked them 'why do you gossip too much'? She replied by saying 'You will not understand and don't interfere in our gossip'. So that was their passion for it.

The same thing I saw in school too, girls of my class gossiped during tiffin time. Even they could not complete their tiffin due to this. So one thing I understand that it's better to let do what they like. This is what I want to say in Funny Girlfriend Memes about gossiping.

Girlfriend memes on sharing of ice cream

Funny girlfriend memes
Funny girlfriend memes

I believe if we share something with each other, we are doing a noble job. But does sharing sometimes cause anger?  It may or may not be.

In a student life, I and my girlfriend went to the park and from there we went to an ice-cream parlour. But when they served ice-cream to us, she said 'can you please share your ice-cream with me'? Hearing this, I was shocked, she was eating her own ice cream and also wanted a share of my part also. So what will I eat?

That time I had to accept her demand about sharing but, honestly speaking, I didn't like it. So this type of sharing sometimes gives us pain though I have presented a funny scene about it through Funny Girlfriend Memes.

Girlfriend memes on the restaurant bill

Funny girlfriend memes
Funny girlfriend memes

When any men eat something outside with their lover, sister or any women, always men pay the bill. So nothing new in it. But can there be opposite sometimes?

My neighbour once told me that he and his girlfriend went to a restaurant and ordered some delicious dishes. They enjoyed eating their food and as he went on to pay the bill, his partner stopped him and herself paid the bill. He was completely surprised and ask her why did she pay the bill.

She said she feels like paying it and it was her personal choice. So sometimes something different happens and we have to accept it. So another Funny Girlfriend Memes on this topic will make you smile.

Girlfriend memes on fun time

Funny girlfriend memes
Funny girlfriend memes

A fun time is all about fun, jokes and many other things. But when girls have fun, then the situation becomes more electrifying.

I have seen many times in parties when girlfriends or gang of girls gather together, they just take their fun, excitement to another level. They dance, party and it's better for men not to copy their fun method because it is completely unique.

So nothing more to say, this Funny Girlfriend Memes on their fun is amazing.

Girlfriend memes on trying to fool a girl

Funny girlfriend memes
Funny girlfriend memes

Girl's imaginative power is very strong. They understand most of the things before it was said to them. That quality makes them special too.

Once a boyfriend told her girlfriend that he wants to meet her at a certain time. As per the plan, she reached there but then her boyfriend called her and said he will reach late due to some family issues. She did not believe it and said 'are you fooling me, where are you'?  

He had a tough time to convince her that there is no question of cheating, what he had said is completely true. This is the Funny Girlfriend Memes on trying to fool a girl.


I have to put my view on Funny Girlfriend Memes and make you smile. I would request you to give your comments below and tell your view about my post.

Good day.

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