Funny memes jokes- Funny memes and jokes to enjoy

Funny memes jokes- Hey meme lovers, I am back again with my new sets of funny memes and jokes. Here it is below.

Funny memes and jokes- Mother and chocolate

Funny memes jokes
Funny memes jokes

In life, there are situations where we have eaten our favourite recipe hiddenly, which is favourite of others also. It is very funny from the outside but it's embarrassing sometimes. 

I love desserts very much and my mom also loves it. Whenever we prepare any sweet dish at home, it was shared between me and my mother. Though mom gets the larger share of it.😅 One day dad brought chocolate ice cream for my mom only. 

In the midnight, I opened the fridge and started eating the ice cream, suddenly mom came and caught me eating her favourite ice cream. She became very angry and went to sleep. This type of Funny Memes Jokes describes the whole situation.

Funny jokes- Bad food 

Funny memes jokes
Funny memes jokes

Food can refresh our mood but badly cooked foods can dampen your mood also. It is not in our hands also to know which food is good and which is bad, only after eating we can understand.

I went to a marriage ceremony a year ago. Being a foodie, I first checked the food menu and found some delicious dishes there. I first tried Prawn curry and as soon I ate prawn, my feeling was like 'Oh God, how horrible it is'. It was so tasteless.

This incident made my mood off. I could not eat much on that day. It was a very bad eating experience for me. I hope you like this Funny Memes Jokes on bad food and mood.

Funny memes and jokes- Planning

Funny memes jokes
Funny memes jokes

Planning is necessary for everywhere of what we do. Without proper planning, we may fail to deliver. But sometimes things did not go as per our plan. Similar situations have also experienced by me.

I have planned to watch a movie long ago with my family.  I was very excited because after a long time I am going to spend much valuable time with them. So when we were getting out from our home for going to movie theatres, suddenly one of our relatives came with their family.

This incident left us to feel disappointed and heartbroken. From this incident, I have made a Funny Memes Jokes on planning.

Funny memes and jokes- Holiday trip

Funny memes jokes
Funny memes jokes

We all love holidays and want to enjoy them. But when we get a chance to go on a holiday trip with our friends, then it's like a double bonus for us.

Once I had planned a holiday trip with my school friends to Puri, Odisha. It was an amazing experience with them.🙂 We enjoyed each and every moment of it, be it eating, travelling and partying together.

A lot of stress, tensions eased out quickly when we go on this trip with friends or family. So this our Funny Memes Jokes regarding holiday trip.

Funny memes and jokes- Relative's marriage

Funny memes jokes
Funny memes jokes

Sometimes we can't attend any special function or event due to some important work or any personal reason and you really feel bad about it.

My one of relative's marriage was fixed a few months ago and I was very excited about it. Lots of planning I made regarding marriage but at that time a writing assignment was offered to me by one of the clients. I became very sad at that time, my happiness was almost gone.

But with no options left, I had to accept the assignment. I know similar incidents like these may have happened with you too. So I have expressed this sadness in a way of Funny Memes Jokes.

Funny memes - Forgotten birthday

Funny memes jokes
Funny memes jokes

What do we expect from our birthday? Happiness, gifts and spending time with our close people including a best friend. But if our best friend forgets your birthday, then what?

Around 5 years ago on my birthday, I was expecting a wish from my bestie at first. Actually, she wishes me first on all my birthdays. Surprisingly, she did not wish me on my that birthday which left me to feel shocked. I checked all my social media accounts but could not find her wish.😐 Though I got a lot of wishes from my other friend's but my mind was only thinking about my best friend.

Next day she apologised to me for this and said suddenly some personal work came and she couldn't wish me. So this birthday situation represents the Funny Memes Jokes of my life.


I hope these kinds of Funny Memes Jokes will make your day. I always expect your valuable comments which I would love to read. Stay safe and happy always.🙂

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