High school memes- Jokes and fun of school life

High school memes- School lives are not only about studying but also spending quality time with friends and having fun with them. So please read these funny high school memes given below and enjoy.

Funny school memes about me

High school memes
High school memes

Sometimes we to school in a different mindset, whether our mind was full of fear or maybe with joy, you never know. So it's tough to guess.

I once went to school with a very positive mindset. Everything was going well till the lunchtime. My one friend was talking to me and suddenly he started debating with me on a particular issue, I reacted on it, our debate was going on for a long time.

Seeing this my other friends immediately stopped us from talking and the debate was over. Being an introvert, it was very surprising for me how did I talk so much at that moment. Remembering this incident after so many years makes me feel funny about it. So this is my High School Memes about me.

Funny high school memes about summer vacation

High school memes
High school memes

What is the most important thing we love about school? I guess vacations at certain seasons. After studying months after months in school, vacations make us feel refreshing.

I still remember, it was the last day of our school before summer vacation, we were not in a mood for studying. Our teachers were coming to take our classes and we are telling them 'Mam, today we will not study, let's talk about other things'.😃

And our teachers were very friendly, they were asking us 'who can sing' or 'who know some good jokes'. So we enjoyed that day very much with our friend's, teachers. This pre-vacation fun is my best High School Memes.

Funny high school memes about exams

High school memes
High school memes

In school, there are healthy competitions between various students about who will beat each other by scoring the highest marks in the exam and will come in the good books of the teacher.

It was our half-yearly exam in class XII, I had given the exam well and was hoping for good results. When the exam results were out, my class teacher told me that I secured the highest marks in English, History and Geography. It was a big moment for me.

Actually, I worked hard for months to achieve good results and when my hard work paid off, I celebrated this with my friend's, family. This exam satisfaction is one of my High School Memes. 

Funny school memes on the prank

High school memes
High school memes

Pranks are common in all age grouped people and it is very common among students in school and colleges. Whether pranks are good or bad, we don't know and it is a separate debate after all.

I had never done many pranks in school life. But there was a friend of mine, who used to bring delicious dishes from home for lunch. One day he brought delicious paneer recipe. Just before eating he had gone to the toilet and in the meantime, I was thinking why not ate his lunch and replace it with my food that is butter toast.😻

But couldn't do it, maybe I thought this will be a very bad prank on him. So this thinking of prank is the High School Memes of my life.

Funny school memes about homework

High school memes
High school memes

I am not a lover of homework. In school, we have to do so many homework that made our life quite boring.

One day from school, I got homework in English, mathematics and chemistry. Mathematics and chemistry's homework was very tough, so it took a long time and I could not complete the task of English. I scarcely attended the class the next day.

In the English class, mam came, took the class and left. She just forgot to check our homework. I was so relieved and happy that I survived this time. So I loved this High School Memes on homework.

Funny school memes about bunking class

High school memes
High school memes

School bunking was not that popular as college bunking. But still, it would be foolish to think that students have not bunk classes in school.

When I was studying in class 12, our friends decided to bunk class and go to watch a movie. But we were careful so that our parents could not guess what we were planning. According to our plan, we went out to school, meet at a separate place and from there went to the cinema hall.

For me, it was my first school bunking, and the experience was not bad, though I was nervous at the beginning, later I adjusted myself. So this is my High School Memes on bunking classes in school.


These High School Memes are based on my personal experience at school. I hope you will like these memes and give your comments below.🙂

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