Popular memes right now- Funny meme quotes 2020

Popular memes right now: Memes give us joy, it enlightens our mood.  When there is a piece of trending news about sports, movies etc, we always search for memes on them to know the fun of it.  So in my post, I will show you the most popular memes right now and have fun watching these.

Most popular memes- Unexpected surprise

Popular memes right now
Popular memes right now

Life is full of surprises. You never know what kind of surprise is waiting for you.  In college life, I needed a laptop for my studies and other research. But my parents could not give me due to some problems. 

So I accepted the reality and forgot about the laptop.  But suddenly one day my father bought the laptop and gifted me on my birthday. This episode stunned me and it was a startling shock. I hope you all also faced similar surprises in life sometimes. 

This type of unexpected surprises is the popular memes right now.

Most popular memes- Favourite dish

Popular memes right now
Popular memes right now

There are certain things in life which we like very much.  It can be food, clothing, movies, books and so on. We don't love to share our favourite things with others. I love chicken soup, it was my favourite. 

One day my cousin came to my house with their parents.  My mom had prepared various dishes and chicken soup was one of them.  I was so happy when I saw the chicken soup, but in the dining table, mom gave the whole chicken soup to the guests. 

I thought at least a little part of soup my mom will give me. My face was filled with sorrow but somehow I manage to control myself.  Definitely, this is the popular memes right now.

Most popular memes- Smartness

Popular memes right now
Popular memes right now

In today's world smartness plays an important role in success.  You need to be smart to survive and understand what people want from you. But when someone tries to be over smart then there is a problem.

My friend went to a job interview a few months ago. His interview was going on well but to impress the interviewers, he tried to be over smart. When an interviewer asked him a question, he replied in such a way as if he is the only one who knows everything. Finally, interviewers rejected my friend's job application.

In other words, my friend was outsmarted by them and this is also one of the popular memes right now.

Most popular memes- knocking the door at midnight

Popular memes right now
Popular memes right now

Our mind sometimes becomes a bit scary, tense when someone knocks door at midnight.  Various kind of negative thoughts come into our mind at that time and we don't know what to do.

At one night I was sleeping alone in my house. My parents were not in the city. Suddenly at midnight, I heard my doorbell was ringing.  Since my parents were not there more fear was gripping into my mind. My mind was in a big dilemma about whether to open the door or not. At last, I opened the door and it was my apartment's watchman, who was knocking the door for some urgent help.

You must have imagined how tense I was at that time. This fearful moment is also one of the popular memes right now.

Most popular memes- Suspension

Popular memes right now
Popular memes right now

We all want to work hard whether it is in business, job and any other work. But sometimes some incident happens with us in the workplace and we have to pay a heavy price for it without being guilty.

My uncle used to work in a multinational company. He was doing his job well and also his boss was happy with the work done by him.  Suddenly one day my uncle was suspended from the office without any valid reason and it was not a joke. He was shocked, angry and immediately asked an explanation from his boss.😠 They said to have found some irregularities in his work.

Uncle said that the office manager was happy with his work till now then what happened within 24 hours that led to his suspension. His boss could not give any valid explanation. Is this vendetta or what I don't know but this is another popular memes right now.

Most popular memes- Mirror

Popular memes right now
Popular memes right now

We all have a habit of seeing ourself in the mirror whether we are going in a function, office, outing and so on. But sometimes we get shocked by looking ourselves at the mirror. Do you know why?

 I was busy with work and didn't get much time to look at the mirror. At some point, I suddenly took a look at the mirror and was stunned.  I was looking so slim.😐  May be many people like me have faced similar situations regarding this. This is one of the popular memes right now on the mirror.


Here are the various stories about popular memes right now. Hope you have enjoyed my post on memes, so please comment below what you have liked about my post and what you have don't like.  Have a nice day.🙂

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