Little boy meme- List of funny boy memes to enjoy

Little boy meme- What is the connection between small boys and meme. The answer is they all are funny and entertaining. Here are some little boy funny meme below.

Little boy funny meme on stolen chocolate

Little boy meme
Little boy meme

We all know children love chocolates. More Cadbury you give to them, more they will come close to you.

A small boy was eating chocolate in his room, his mom called him and he immediately went to her without taking the chocolate with him. He found the chocolate was missing after returning and started crying loudly.

His parents could not find it after searching. Does the maid present in the house stolen it? Well, it was a mystery. This was one of the Little Boy Meme on stolen chocolate.

Little boy funny meme on finding his mom

Little boy meme
Little boy meme

You must have seen children crying and looking for their mother in a party, school and various other places. 

One little boy went to a marriage ceremony with his parents. He was holding mom's hands as they were roaming around and talking to other people. Suddenly the boy lost his parents at the party and he started feeling scary and nervous. 

One old man there came near him and asked why he was alone. The boy told him everything and within a few minutes, he found his parents who were searching their son also. This is my Little Boy Meme on finding his parents.

Little boy funny meme on childish nature

Little boy meme
Little boy meme

Children are always childish but there are many children who were too much childish, maybe their nature is like that.

A child goes to school, plays with friends after study, but his parents noticed that like his other friends their son was a bit different, childish in nature. In school, a teacher also told the boy that you are so childish, you don't understand things quickly.

The boy was also thinking that why everyone calls him childish, he couldn't understand what the word childish means. He thought maybe it was something funny. This was one of the Little boy meme on childish nature.

Little boy funny meme on cheating in exam

Little boy meme
Little boy meme

Hall collection in exams is not new.  We all have done this sometimes to improve our exam marks.

History exam was going on in school and one student of class 7 was struggling to answer some questions. So he tried to contact his other friends for help, in the meantime, a teacher saw him and caught immediately.

He said sorry mam and teacher said 'don't you feel ashamed for cheating in the exam'?  The student again said sorry and will not repeat my mistake but the teacher punished by snatching the exam sheet from him.  This was my Little Boy Meme on cheating in an exam.

Little boy funny meme on song

Little boy meme
Little boy meme

Many parents want their child should also learn singing, dancing along with studies, so they admit their child into singing, dancing classes.

In school, there used to be a music class, where children used to learn music. In the first day of the music class, the teacher told the students to sing what you like. Everyone sang well and lastly a little boy sang a song regarding his parents. The teacher gave him a standing ovation.

The boy was so happy that his mam has praised him and he was not learning songs from anywhere. So this appreciation was special for him. This was one of the Little boy meme on the song.

Little boy funny meme on best friend attending the class

Little boy meme
Little boy meme

In school, if you were a child, you have some friends with whom you want to play, spend time with. You want them in your life every time.

A little boy's best friend was not coming to school for the past few days due to illness. The boy was going to school every day but he was missing his best friend very much. He was hoping the next day his friend will come but that was not happening.

One day in school, the class has started, suddenly the boy saw his best friend coming. Within a second, his gloomy face became happy. So that is the power of friendship. This was one of the Little boy meme on best friend attending the class.


In my post on Little Boy Meme, I have tried to make you smile, hopefully, you will like my jokes and comment below your opinions. Have a nice day.

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