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Meme of the decade- You must have read various memes in life but today I will show you the best meme of the decade. Just read below.

Best meme of the decade on bathroom's door

Meme of the decade
Meme of the decade

We always lock our bathroom door while inside but sometimes unknowingly we forgot to lock it also. But we need to be careful.

A girl went to her aunt's house to spend time with her. Other sister's of that girl also came to the aunt's house. They all enjoyed the day eating good food and chatting with each other. In the evening the girl went to the bathroom and after a few minutes, she realised that its door was open.

She immediately locked the door. She may be thinking about somebody or some jokes, so locking the bathroom's door gone out of her mind. So it was basically a funny incident and this was my Meme of the Decade on it.

Best meme of the decade on showing skills to boss

Meme of the decade
Meme of the decade

Whenever we get any chance to show our talent in front of our boss, we don't want to miss it. And the rest depends on our luck.

My friend's elder brother has a passion for photographyHe applied for a photographer's job in a newspaper. Within a few days, he got a call from them for an interview. He thought this was the right time to show his skills to the boss by clicking some quality pictures.

He went there, submit all the pictures, answered the questions asked by the interviewer. After a few days, he got the job and is doing it till now.  This was my Meme of the Decade on this subject.

Best meme of the decade on smelling something

Meme of the decade
Meme of the decade

When you love a particular recipe, you always feel like someone cooking it.  Well, it's like a food lover's emotion on that recipe.

I loved chilli fish very much and would not mind if someone only serves me chilli fish for the entire day. I was watching tv one day, suddenly got a smell of chilli fish, though it was not cooked in my house that day.  I thought the smell was coming from my neighbour's house.

I was happy to get the smell of my favourite food but became sad for not being able to eat. So on this issue of smelling my favourite food, this was the Meme of the Decade on it.

Best meme of the decade on the perfectness

Meme of the decade
Meme of the decade

Everyone wants to look perfect but girls are more ahead in perfectness and they are quite possessive about it. They want to look beautiful than any other person in the world.

Once a couple went to a Cafe and ordered a hot coffee. The girl was beautifully dressed and was looking gorgeous. Still, she was not sure about her look and asked her boyfriend whether she was looking perfect or not. The guy replied positively but the girl's confusion was still there.

As I was telling before, even if a girl was looking beautiful, she still will not be believing in it. That is their case and we men are happy with it. This was my Meme of the Decade on the perfectness of a girl.

Best meme of the decade on room cleaning

Meme of the decade
Meme of the decade

We love to work but if on a holiday your mom gives you more work then it causes frustration. But is there any way out?

I had a tough week earlier month regarding my work, so this weekend I planned to sleep more to refresh my self.  But suddenly mom told me to clean my own room as it was not cleaned for a long time. I really felt angry at that time but when your mom told you to do something it's impossible to ignore her.

I cleaned the room with my full energy and my mom was pleased. So there is no way out from it, it's better to do the work and then take rest. I have prepared my Meme of the Decade on this subject.

Best meme of the decade on the love letter

Meme of the decade
Meme of the decade

Love letters are a top-secret, you must be careful about it, otherwise, someone also may read it which wouldn't be good for you.

A boy, who was a businessman, used to like a girl, who was a software engineer, but they could not talk properly due to their busyness. So he wrote a love letter for her and by mistake, he forgot to give her the letter. Next morning his mom saw something lying on the table, she opened and found it was a love letter written by her son.

She felt very disappointed and told her son, 'Why don't you tell me about this'? He said that he was going to her about the relationship at the right time. This is my Meme of the Decade on a love letter.


These are my various posts on Meme of the Decade, which I have created for your entertainment. I want your comments below and tell whether you have liked it or not. 

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