Super funny funny memes- Read, enjoy and have fun

Super funny funny memes- I know most of you have read various exciting memes till now, but today my post is about super funny meme which you will have greater fun while reading.

Super funny meme on fooling me

Super funny funny memes
Super funny funny memes

What will be your reaction when someone tries to fool you?  Definitely, you will be angry. But there is another way of tackling it.

Once my friend told me to rent some money to him for buying books. I asked him why don't you tell your parents about it. He said there are some problems in his house which he can't tell now. But I was having a doubt because the way he was speaking was not convincing at all.

I understand he may be trying to fool me and want to use my money for other purposes. So by showing a smiling face I said no and tackled this matter in a different way. This was my Super Funny Funny Memes on someone trying to fool me.

Super funny meme on class monitor

Super funny funny memes
Super funny funny memes

In our school days, we must have become a class monitor sometimes. It was an amazing experience to become a monitor and we have definitely enjoyed it.

In my eighth standard in school, my mam selected me to become a class monitor. I was so happy and it was my first experience, so feeling like I am the king. I monitored the class according to my capabilities and my school teacher appreciated me for it.

Many more chances came towards me in future to become a class monitor but my first experience was always special. So to explain my feeling, I have created this Super Funny Funny Memes on it.

Super funny meme on waiting for mom

Super funny funny memes
Super funny funny memes

In our childhood, we used to wait near school gates for our parents after our classes were over. It was a happy feeling like we are going home.

I was in nursery and after my class ended, I was waiting in the school lawn for my mother to pick me up. All my other friend's mother was picking them up from school and I was feeling a bit tense that why my mother was not coming.

After a few minutes, my mother came and took me home. As I remember, after that, my mom has arrived in school at the correct time for taking me home. This was my Super Funny Funny Memes regarding waiting for my mom in school.

Super funny meme on shopkeeper 

Super funny funny memes
Super funny funny memes

When we buy something from the shopkeepers, be it anything, they always deliver it perfectly. But do you have any experience when they forget to deliver after you bought from them?

Once a lady has brought some groceries online and paid them through debit card. She kept on waiting for long for the goods but it did not come. Now she was frustrated, angry and thinking are they fake and cheated her. 

At last, she got her delivery received and that make her feel relieved. On asking why late, they said it was due to some traffic issues. So on this issue, I have made Super Funny Funny Memes.

Super funny meme on father's meet with my girlfriend

Super funny funny memes
Super funny funny memes

What will be your reaction when your father tells you that he wants to meet your girlfriend?  Will it be scary or happy?  

A guy was in a relationship for around 6 years and his family was aware of it. One day his father told him to bring his girlfriend to the house so that we can interact with her. The boy became very happy realising that maybe his family has accepted their relationship.

Finally, the girl came and his father indirectly appreciated their relation by introducing her to all the members of his family, also told her to come with her parents next time.  On this beautiful moment, I have made my Super Funny Funny Memes.

Super funny meme on getting first salary

Super funny funny memes
Super funny funny memes

When you get your first job, it makes you happy and when you get your first salary, you become happier.

A man got his job after a long period of struggle but after a month of his hard work when he received the first cheque from the office, he felt like dancing on the floor, partying with friends. This reaction was quite expected because the first salary has a different meaning which no one forgets.

I travelled the whole city of my in joy when got my first salary. All celebrate in a different way to get happiness. Hope you liked my Super Funny Funny Memes on getting the first salary.


Through these Super Funny Funny memes, I tried to entertain you, but how much I have succeeded in doing it will be known from your comments. Please comment below.

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