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Funny picture memes- There are various memes along with funny pictures in this world which you may have enjoyed it.  I will post today on funny memes with pictures which I hope you will like it.

Funny meme picture on bar manager

Funny picture memes
Funny picture memes

In every bar or restaurants, there are certain rules which every customer must follow but sometimes one or two customer doesn't want to abide by it. Then the problem starts.

An old man once went to a bar and started drinking beer as he was so fond of it. He was so much interested in drinking that he could not assume that bar is about to close. When he asked the waiter for another glass of beer, the manager refused which made him angry.

He tried to convince the manager but at last, he had to leave. This was my Funny Picture Memes on bar manager refusing to serve beer.

Funny meme picture on uniqueness in life

Funny picture memes
Funny picture memes

Life is full of surprises. You never know what can happen, so you have to prepare yourself for any eventuality.

When I was working in a marketing company, we were given a monthly target of achieving certain goals and whoever does that will be rewarded. But my hard work didn't pay off, I fell short of the target. Then my boss told me 'Well tried, you are going to our official function, think of it as a consolation prize'.

The official function was part of that reward. I was stunned as if something unique has happened in my life. This type of incidents often left you speechless. This was my Funny Picture Memes on uniqueness in life.

Funny meme picture on convincing boss for holiday

Funny picture memes
Funny picture memes

In a corporate job, it is tougher to get a holiday, you have to work full time even on weekends also. We have accepted this and moved on in life.

My some cousins were coming from the USA after many years, so I was planning to spend quality time with them. But thinking about how to convince my boss for a holiday. I told him that my grandmother was hospitalised and her health was not good, so I will be grateful to you if you grant me a leave for one day.

He immediately accepted it and told me to take care of my grandmother. I had to lie to him since I had no option. This was my Funny Picture Memes on convincing my boss for a holiday.

Funny meme picture on wife allowing husband to party

Funny picture memes
Funny picture memes

When you are married, you need to compromise on many things whether you like it or not. It helps to maintain peace in the house.

A man who is married for more than 10 years was leading a good married life. He always follows what his wife says and try to be a good husband. One day his wife told him 'Why not you go and have fun with our friends someday'?  He was not shocked hearing this but surprised. 

Actually, he was very happy but could not show his happiness in front of her. He thought that maybe she saw his job of an obedient husband for a decade and rewarded him for that but whatever the reason is, he was too joyous. This was the Funny Picture Memes on wife allowing husband for a party.

Funny meme picture on job training

Funny picture memes
Funny picture memes

In the office sometimes we have to do training for promotion or to learn about new schemes. I must tell you it is very tiring.

In my initial days in office, I had to undergo training, which was about newly launched products. It continued for around 1 month. Sometimes we used to get bored but then we were getting to learn some good information about the products.

At last, our training was complete and we were relieved and happy for successfully completing it. This was the Funny Picture Memes on completing job training.

Funny meme picture on checking mobile's camera

Funny picture memes
Funny picture memes

Smartphone's are our best friend, we are obsessed with them. This obsession sometimes can damage our phone.

When I first bought a smartphone, I used to take selfies, install apps, actually I was possessive about it. One day while taking a selfie, I saw my camera is not working properly. My reaction was tensed, don't know what to do, after a few minutes I again checked my phone and find that camera is working.

Now I have learned that overusing can damage my phone and have controlled myself. This was the Funny Picture Memes on checking the phone's camera.


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