Best Greatest Memes Ever- Entertaining memes to enjoy

Greatest memes ever- Memes are of various types and of different category which you may like or not like.  Here is my post on some of the greatest meme ever.

Greatest generation memes on job offer

Greatest memes ever
Greatest memes ever

We always want high paying jobs whether it is from our country or foreign country but we believe that foreign country jobs are high paying.

A girl was looking for a job and she applied in various Indian companies and also in a foreign company. A month was passed but she did not receive any response, she was feeling nervous then. Next day she checked her email and found that from the USA she received a job offer.

She feels like celebrating this occasion because a job offer from foreign is not a small achievement. From then on she started planning what to do next. This was the Greatest memes ever on a job offer.

Greatest generation memes on a gift from girlfriend

Greatest memes ever
Greatest memes ever

In a relationship, there is often an exchange of gifts among lovers and this makes their love more romantic.

A man, who was in a relationship with a girl for about 2 years often gifted her many valuable things. Some time ago he told her in a casual way that he was looking for a tablet for office work. Few days after she gifted her a tablet, obviously he was very happy and asked why you bought this for me?

She said it's her choice and maybe that's the way she wants to show her love to him. This was the Greatest Memes Ever on girlfriend's gifting her lover a tablet.

Greatest meme ever on whole day

Greatest memes ever
Greatest memes ever

Every day has its own results.  Some days were very good and some were very bad for us. So we have to adjust accordingly with it.

When I was in college, we had to face three exams in one day. This was like a cruel joke on us.  I was very tensed and studied well in all three subjects and gave the exam. My other friends were not sure how the exam results will be but I was sure that my result will be good because of my confidence.

So that day has gone really well for me as I have successfully completed all the exams. Honestly speaking such a tough test brings the best out of us.  This was the Greatest Memes Ever on the whole day.

Greatest meme ever on maths formula

Greatest memes ever
Greatest memes ever

Mathematics is a very tricky subject, so we have to pay more attention to it otherwise we cannot learn it properly.

One day in school our maths teacher was teaching us about a new formula. She was writing certain formulas and calculations on a blackboard. I was trying to follow that though it was very confusing to me at first. What she was telling us, I was writing totally in my copy.

At home, I studied that formula again and understand it properly. You need to be patient if you want to do better in mathematics. This was the Greatest Memes Ever on understanding a maths formula.

Greatest meme ever on injection

Greatest memes ever
Greatest memes ever

Injections are very painful but sometimes as per doctor's instructions we need to inject it in our body to get relief from illness.

My grandmother was very ill many years ago.  She was taking medicines given by doctors but still, her health was not improving. Then the doctor said that he will inject an injection in her body so that she get cured quickly.  That moment my grandmother became very scared and was asking me how painful it will be.

I told her not to worry, you will not feel the pain. At last, the doctor gave her the injection and after that, she felt better.  This was one of the Greatest Memes Ever on injection.

Greatest meme ever on embarrassment

Greatest memes ever
Greatest memes ever

When someone stares at you for a long time you feel like you have done something wrong and sometimes it causes embarrassment.

I was standing on a bus stop to catch the bus, an old man, who was also standing there was staring at me. I didn't take it seriously as we don't know each other. But after a few minutes, I found he was again staring at me. This was making me a bit uncomfortable.

I thought of talking to him on why he was staring at me for a long time. But then I saw my bus coming and I left. This was the Greatest Memes Ever on embarrassing moments.


This was my post on Greatest Memes Ever. Hopefully, through this post, I have given you enough fun to smile. I expect you to comment below to express your views about my post.

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