Newest funny memes 2020- Super funny memes for fun

Newest funny memes 2020- Friends, you need to be more creative to make memes which would give fun to others. I have written some newest funny memes which you can read below.

Funny 2020 memes on praising someone

Newest funny memes 2020
Newest funny memes 2020

Everyone becomes happy when someone praises you and if that praise comes from an unknown person then happiness becomes double.

One Sunday, my father's office colleagues came into our house. I didn't know any of them but I helped my mom in serving them water and other cooked foods. Suddenly one of the colleagues praise me by saying 'Very good boy, you will do very well in future'. 

I was surprised since he doesn't know much about me but my mind was full of joy and when I look at my parent's eyes that time, they were overjoyed. This was my Newest Funny Memes 2020 on praising someone.

Funny 2020 memes on favourite uncle

Newest funny memes 2020
Newest funny memes 2020

Everybody in childhood must have one person whom they always want to talk and they are like friends to them apart from their parents.

In my childhood, I loved my uncle very much. He was very special to me than my other uncles. One day while I was playing in the field, my apartment's watchman informed me that my mom was calling me as someone has come to my house. I ran quickly and found that my favourite uncle has come.

Since he came after a long time, so I was more than happy. He also bought lots of chocolates for me. This was the Newest Funny Memes 2020 on my favourite uncle.

Newest funny meme on office presentation

Newest funny memes 2020
Newest funny memes 2020

In private jobs, you have to give presentations in the office frequently on different projects. Sometimes it's very interesting but it can be boring also. 

A guy was working in the insurance company as a sales manager. For the past few days, he was busy with meetings and seminars. In between his boss said that tomorrow you will have to give a presentation on a product. He got a bit tense because time is very less.

Reaching home, he was feeling very tired but had to prepare for the presentation. It took many hours for him to prepare it.  This was the Newest Funny Memes 2020 on the official presentation.

Newest funny meme on new neighbour

Newest funny memes 2020
Newest funny memes 2020

When a new family comes to stay in our locality, we think can they adjust with us, how will they behave. We are a bit sceptical about it.

A few years ago, a new neighbour came in our locality. Their family consist of 3 people, that is husband, wife and a little boy. When they were shifting their goods to the new house, I kept looking at them thinking they will be well behaved and cooperative. 

Now I can say after 3 years they have become the best neighbour, we visit each other's house, cook recipes for each other and have become like an extended family. This was the Newest Funny Memes 2020 on the new neighbour.

Newest funny meme on waiting for a friend

Newest funny memes 2020
Newest funny memes 2020

We all go to watch movies, restaurants, Caffe with our friends but sometimes we have to wait for a friend which sometimes is frustrating.

I planned to watch a movie with my friend. I reached near the cinema hall at the right time but my friend hasn't arrived yet. When I called him on the phone and asked, 'Where are you'? He said that he will reach within 15 minutes. After 20 minutes he arrived.

He told me that he got out of his house late as he was cooking a recipe for his mom. We watched the movie and enjoyed it. This was one of the Newest funny memes 2020 on waiting for a friend.

Funny memes 2020 on cockroach

Newest funny memes 2020
Newest funny memes 2020

Cockroaches are quite common in our households. We found them in kitchens, bathroom and in our room too. 

Our relatives have come to our house one evening.  We were having lots of fun, then came dinner time. My mom and one of my aunt was serving food to us. Suddenly my aunt saw a cockroach near her leg, she screamed very loudly, we all were scared then, I immediately removed that cockroach from her leg.

She was so scared that she could not eat properly that day. After a few days, she told me that not only she is scared of but hates cockroaches. This was the Newest Funny Memes 2020 on the cockroach.


In this article on Newest Funny Memes 2020, I have presented you with new sets of funny memes. I hope you will enjoy it and kindly give your precious comments below.

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