Famous meme templates- Amazing meme templates to see

Famous meme templates- Memes are becoming popular day by day because more people are showing their creativity in making it. Some famous templates are created below for you, just check and enjoy.

Some famous meme templates- Missing out on chocolates

Famous meme templates
Famous meme templates

Chocolate is everyone's favourite and we love to eat at any time. My fridge remains full of chocolates every time.

We celebrate Children's Day in India on 14th November. On that occasion, in school, a teacher was distributing chocolates among children. Everyone was getting more than one chocolate but a student got only one chocolate. He tried to tell the teacher about it but she said 'Sorry, no more chocolates left'.

He has to satisfy with one Cadbury but he didn't like it, he hoped one of his friends will share a part of with him but that didn't happen. This was one of the Famous meme templates on not getting many chocolates.

Some famous meme templates- Recipe

Famous meme templates
Famous meme templates

There are certain recipes which we like and don't like but when we have to taste the recipes which are not our favourite then we cannot enjoy eating.

I never liked pudding that much. One day during dinner, my mom told me that you have to eat pudding today since I have not made any other recipes. I could not say to her that I will not eat pudding as she will get upset, so ate pudding with utter dislike.

After that, my mom never cooked such a recipe that I don't like and hope that I will not face such a situation in future also. This was one of the Famous meme templates on the recipe.

Most famous meme templates- Coaching centre

Famous meme templates
Famous meme templates

Students not only go to schools, colleges but they also visit various coaching centres for achieving good results in the exam.

When I was studying in class 11, I felt the need to join a coaching centre to get more knowledge on various subjects. That time there were various centres for coaching, so I became a bit confused on where to go. One friend of mine advised me to join a particular coaching class since the majority of our classmates have gone there.

After doing a bit of research on that centre, I joined there. That coaching class helped me to secure more marks in the exam. This was one of the Famous meme templates on the coaching centre.

Most famous templates- Special person coming to your house

Famous meme templates
Famous meme templates

When guests come to our house, we became happy but when it is your fiancee then happiness convert into romanticism.

A girl's marriage was fixed by her parents and it was an arranged marriage. Both the boy and the girl used to chat with each other on the phone. One day the boy told her that his uncle will be coming to her house to see her and with him, the boy will also come.

Definitely, the girl became happy not because of his uncle will be coming but she will get a chance to her fiancee. This was one of the Famous meme templates on a special person coming to your house.

Famous meme templates 2020- Office tour

Famous meme templates
Famous meme templates

When you are doing a job in private or government office, you may have to go on a long office tour whether you like it or not.

My father works in a private company and often he used to go on office tours. One weekend he returned from office tour and after 5 days the company again told him to go on tour. I was disappointed because he has just returned from a long tour and again he has to go.

My dad told me he is on a marketing job which requires travelling, so more such tours will come and I need to accept it. This was one of the Famous meme templates on an office tour.

Famous meme templates 2020- English teacher

Famous meme templates
Famous meme templates

On different subjects, different teachers take classes but when we see a brand new teacher entering our class we try to figure out how good he will be.

In college, a madam used to take our English class and she was teaching well. Suddenly one day we saw a new English teacher taking our class. I was looking at him and thinking 'Why is he taking our class, where did my old English teacher gone'.

Later we came to know that she was given charge of another class. So from now, this new teacher will take our class. This was one of the Famous meme templates on an English teacher.


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