Dark humor memes- Best memes on humor and fun

Dark humor memes- Sometimes we need some humor in life due to our job stress and other issues. We look for friends, relatives who will make us laugh. Below are some funniest dark humor memes, which you must read.

Funniest dark humor memes- Coaching issue

Dark humor memes
Dark humor memes

In every player's career, a coach plays an important role to prepare him for success. But as a coach, you need to have sufficient knowledge and experience to guide your team properly.

A football coach is to train his players every day on the field. The players were also satisfied with his training and they follow his instructions thoroughly. One day he was giving training to his players, suddenly one of the players felt that sir was not training properly and he directly said this to him.

The player also said that some of his training methods are very backdated. Hearing such strong words from one of his players made the coach feel a bit disappointed and surprised also. Though he talked to the player separately and handled the situation well. This is one of the Dark humor memes on a coaching issue. 

Memes dark humor- Newspaper reading 

Dark humor memes
Dark humor memes

We read the newspaper every day to get the current news of what happening in the world. Even if we don't get a newspaper someday, we used to read it online.

A guy due to his job could not read the newspaper properly in the morning, so he used to read it at night after he returns from the office. Some times he felt that same kind of news are publishing in the paper each day, so he was feeling bored. Even one day he didn't even read the paper.

After a few days, he again read the paper hoping that he will get some interesting and fresh news to read. He was searching that kind of news in each page of the newspaper. At last, he finds some interesting news related to sports which made his mind happy. This was one of the Dark humor memes on reading the newspaper.

Extremely dark humor memes- Eating issue

Dark humor memes
Dark humor memes

In functions and parties, varieties of foods are prepared for the guests. Not only foodies but also non-foodies cannot resist themselves by eating those foods.

A man went to a party along with other office colleagues. After a few minutes, he went to the food centre where foods are being served by the waiters. While eating, he found his non-favourite food fish fry in his plate. He was confused about what to do with this fish fry. He can't throw it away in front of many people.

Watching this, one of his colleagues, who was also eating came near him and said, 'What happened'? 
The man said, 'I don't want to eat fish fry, so don't know what to do'. His colleague said, 'You can give it to me, no problem'. In that way, the man's problem was solved. This is one of the Dark humor memes on eating issue.

Top dark humor memes- Breakfast

Dark humor memes
Dark humor memes

We all eat breakfast in the morning as a part of our daily routine. We don't want to miss eating breakfast because it affects our health.

It was Sunday, so I waked up late in the day. A few days ago, my mom told me that she is going to prepare an amazing breakfast for us this Sunday. So I was more excited about it. My mom told me that both she and my father has already eaten the breakfast because you are sleeping then. I asked her why don't you wait for me to wake up and then eat together.

She said today her schedule is busy, so can't wait for long. So I am the only one who has not eaten breakfast till now. I quickly brushed my teeth and ate it and the dish was dal makhani and I loved its taste. This was one of the Dark humor memes on breakfast.

Funniest dark humor memes- Office on Sunday

Dark humor memes
Dark humor memes

Normally people don't go office on Sunday but those who work in private companies, they sometimes have to visit the office on Sunday if there is an emergency.

A man planned to go to shopping on Sunday with his family but on Saturday his boss in the office told him that you have to visit office tomorrow because some clients are coming and you have to take care of them. His family was very upset but they understand it's part of his job.

He went to the office and started interacting with the clients. During the lunch break, he was thinking all his other colleagues were enjoying the holiday with their family and only he was in the office doing the job. He returned home late at night. This was one of the Dark humor memes on going to the office on Sunday.

Memes dark humor- Dancing with mother

Dark humor memes
Dark humor memes

A mother dancing with her daughter makes the atmosphere very sweet and happy. But many mothers shy away from dancing because they feel how will others react to it.

A girl's parents have organised a small party in their house because their daughter has done well in the exam. Their relatives and girl's friends were invited to the party. Suddenly the daughter requested her mom by saying, 'Let's dance together'. Her mother became a bit anxious but all the others in the party told her to dance.

They started dancing and all in the party were encouraging them by clapping. Even the girl's father was very happy to see both dance especially her wife. After their dance was complete, all in the party said you both have done a wonderful job. This was one of the Dark humor memes on dancing with the mother.


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