Funny sarcastic memes- Memes you would love to read

Funny sarcastic memes- Memes are funny, sarcastic, laughable or whatever they are, our aim is to find those memes and read, share with friends. Below you will find some best sarcastic memes, so just read and enjoy.

Best sarcastic memes- Father's question

Funny sarcastic memes
Funny sarcastic memes

Fathers spend time with their children when they get time, they talk to them about their studies, what they like and about their future plans. 

My father talks with me every day with whatever time he gets from his busy schedule. One day he told me that he will ask me something at night after he returns home from the office. Listening to this, I was not scared really but was surprised thinking about what different will he ask at night.

That night my father asked me what will I eat tomorrow which is Sunday. The whole day I thought about what he can ask and now after listening to his question, I felt like laughing. It's really funny. This was one of the Funny sarcastic memes on father's question.

Sarcastic and funny memes- Dance competition

Funny sarcastic memes
Funny sarcastic memes

When I was a child, I used to participate in various competitions whether it is on dance, song, sports and others. I have won some, lost some but the important thing is that I have enjoyed those competitions.

A child's passion was dancing, he used to dance in front of the mirror whenever he gets time. Once in his locality, a dance competition was organised and the child's parents decided that his son will participate in it. The child gave his best performance in the competition.

Finally, when the results were declared, the parents found that their son has won the competition. They were so happy that they themselves started dancing with their son. This was one of the Funny sarcastic memes on the dance competition.

Sarcastic funny memes- Principal visiting class

Funny sarcastic memes
Funny sarcastic memes

School's principal visiting classes is not quite uncommon but when they visit any class there is a sense of fear among students. They started thinking whether sir was not happy with our class or any other reason may be.

Once in school, our class teacher informed us that today principal sir will be visiting your class, so we should be well behaved. Most of the students in my class became very nervous, some were telling me if we know this earlier, we should not have come today in school. 

I was not nervous, actually, I was feeling excited thinking about what sir will say to us. Finally, the principal arrived and told, 'How are you, students'? We replied, 'Fine Sir'. Then he said, I just came to see how is the class going on. This is one of the Funny sarcastic memes on principal visiting the class.

Sarcasm memes- Becoming more sweeter

Funny sarcastic memes
Funny sarcastic memes

We all feel like we are sweet whether it is more or less. Those who are sweet lover, are they the only sweetest person in this world?  Well, it's quite debatable. 

A girl was very fashionable, foodie but not that sweet lover. One day looking in the mirror, she noticed her face is becoming a bit sweeter. She again looked at the mirror and asked herself, 'Am I getting more sweeter than earlier I used to be'? She became more confused after that.

Later she told her mother about what she felt while seeing herself in the mirror. She told her daughter not to look at the mirror frequently as it may distract her mind. But still, that question remained on that girl's mind. This is one of the Funny sarcastic memes on becoming more sweeter.

Sarcastic and funny memes- Ordering of food

Funny sarcastic memes
Funny sarcastic memes

We go to restaurants to get the taste of various recipes but sometimes we became confused on how much to eat. Although many people love to eat as much as they can.

A man went to the restaurant and ordered his favourite recipe. Their food quality was good, so he was thinking about whether to order more food or not. He called the waiter for ordering food and when he came the man said that I will call you later. Actually, he couldn't make up his mind.

After a few minutes, he ordered another two recipes and ate them. Lastly, he ate a curd. After reaching home he decided that next time he visits a restaurant, he will not get confused. This is one of the Funny sarcastic memes on the ordering of food.

Best sarcastic memes- My waterbottle

Funny sarcastic memes
Funny sarcastic memes

How will you react when someone forgets to return your favourite thing they have taken from you? Definitely, you will try to them about their forgetfulness.

Once in school, my friend has forgotten to bring his water bottle. So, I decided to share my bottle with him. When our school was over, I saw that my water bottle was not with me. Then I thought that maybe my friend has taken it with him unknowingly. 

Then I saw my friend going home with his mother. I called him loudly by saying, 'Heyy, my water bottle is with you, please return'. He looked back, came near me and returned my bottle and also said sorry to me. This is one of the Funny sarcastic memes on my water bottle.


These are some Funny sarcastic memes, which I have created for you. I hope you will love it and please comment below about my memes.

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