Make someone smile meme- Best 6 smile memes for you

Make someone smile meme- Memes always bring a smile to our faces and we love to read memes any time. Below are some various smile meme funny for you to read.

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Make you smile meme- Lost our way

Make someone smile meme
Make someone smile meme

When we are travelling in an unknown place, there are chances that we can lose our way because we don't know much about that area. 

A few years back and I and my friend went to Chennai, Tamil Nadu. It's a beautiful city surrounded by sea. Their food was also of good taste. One evening, we both were walking near sea beach and were so engaged in chatting that we could not guess that we have a long way from our hotel. Suddenly we realise that this area looks unknown to us.

My friend told me that we may have lost our way. We were feeling nervous at that point, not knowing how to get back to our hotel. We went to a shop and asked them about our hotel and they guided us to reach our destination. Reaching the hotel we both promised that we will never make such a mistake again. This is one of the make someone smile meme on losing our way.

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Meme to make someone smile- Female friends

Make someone smile meme
Make someone smile meme

If a guy has many female friends, does that mean he is very romantic? Honestly speaking, it is very confusing, we can't give its answer very correctly.

A boy when he was in school had many female friends, in college his female friends were more and now in office he has many lady friends. His male friends were actually jealous of him thinking how can he have more female friends than them. His parents also asked him sometimes about the reason of more female friends coming to his house.

Not only his friends, family but also this thought of having more female friends also came into his mind. He felt he was not quite romantic, handsome but still he is getting lots of attention from female friends, so what can be the reason behind it. He couldn't find an answer to this but was happy for getting female attention more. This is one of the make someone smile meme on female friends.

Make someone laugh meme- Negotiation

Make someone smile meme
Make someone smile meme

When you are doing any business, you need to negotiate with your clients to get important deals, project. More project you get, more money you can earn from them.

A man runs his own textile business for 5 years. He felt this business was giving him profit but not as big as he would have thought. One day one of his clients told him that one of his friends was looking for a good businessman for his project. The client told the man that I have referred him your name but you have to convince him properly because he is a tough negotiator.

The man felt it was a good opportunity for him to get the project and earn big from it. He was also confident that he can convince that person because he knows how to negotiate with people. He also informed his family about this offer and told them may be good times are coming soon for them. This is one of the make someone smile meme on negotiation.

Smile meme funny- Rich person

Make someone smile meme
Make someone smile meme

Is there any way to find out that person is rich or not by looking at him?  It's very tough to tell but we can guess about it only.

At one of my friend's wedding, we all were enjoying together. Many guests were coming to attend the marriage ceremony. After a few minutes, we saw a man with a glamorous face getting out from a big car and entering the house where our friend's marriage is going on. All other guests were well dressed also but this man's dress was different from others which makes him more attractive.

One guy standing near me said, 'This person looks very rich, he must be earning lots of rupees per month'. I said, 'How can we say that because who knows the car through which he came to the wedding is his own or it's a rented car'. I also told them you cannot say someone rich by looking at his dress because we don't know him properly. This is one of the make someone smile meme on the rich person.

Make you smile meme- Thinking about the career

Make someone smile meme
Make someone smile meme

We sometimes become more confused about our career. We don't know which path to choose, we should do a job or start our own business.

After completing all his studies a guy was thinking what to do in his career. He was taking advice from his friends, family. All of them were telling him to do whatever you like. But still, he was thinking what will be more profitable for him. One day he feels that doing a job will be good for him but the next day he feels starting his own business will be good for him.

He then asked one of his school teachers about it and he advised him not to take any decision on his career quickly, also told him to think properly on every aspect of it. After a few days, he decided that he will do a job right now and will think later about starting his own business. This is one of the make someone smile meme on thinking about the career.

Meme to make someone smile- Marksheet

Make someone smile meme
Make someone smile meme

Whatever will be our exam results, we need to show this to our parents. If the result is good then it's ok but if it is bad then your parents may scold you.

In school, half-yearly exams were going on for around a month. After the exams were completed one of my friends told me that he was feeling scared about the exam results. He also told that his father was very strict and if the result was not up to the mark then his father may get upset with him. I told him not to worry about it.

When the results were out, my friend saw that his marks in some of the subjects were very poor. He went to his house and his dad said, 'Where is the mark sheet'?  I need to see it. He became very nervous and gave his mark sheet to his dad. His dad said after seeing, 'Son, don't worry, you need to study more to get good results next time'. This is one of the make someone smile meme on the mark sheet.

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