Spring forward funny memes- Best 6 funny memes to read

Spring forward funny memes- Memes are here to stay, so we need to create different types of memes and you have to be more creative to do this job. Here are some funny spring forward memes for you to read.

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Funny spring forward memes- Celebrity

Spring forward funny memes
Spring forward funny memes

We follow various actors, sportsperson, singers not only because they are celebrities but we loved them for their performances. We just blindly support them.

A college student loved a popular singer very much. He used to follow her every social media accounts, listen to her all songs and reply to her about them. Recently that singer had launched a music album and that student listened to it and posted a comment on one of her social media account.

After two days he got a notification that the singer has replied to his comment and thanked him for liking the songs. He first thought it was fake but when he view that properly he became more than happy. He told this to one of his friend, who then asked is it true that a celebrity has replied to you. Actually, his friend was also surprised. This was one of the Spring forward funny memes on celebrity.

Spring memes funny- Life is not moving forward

Spring forward funny memes
Spring forward funny memes

Everyone in life wants to grow, while some grow very fast and some grow slow. Those who grow slow they feel like being left behind from others.

A man from his childhood is struggling in life. In school, he used to score average marks in exam but his other friends used to score higher marks. In college also his performance was not that good compared to his other friends. While looking for a job, he used to fail in various interviews but others used to qualify very fast.

One day he started thinking that why his life is not growing forward in a proper way. He feels whenever he starts a new work some obstacles come into it. He felt very upset about it and thought that he was a very unlucky guy. This was one of the Spring forward funny memes on life not moving forward.

Spring forward memes- Forgetting the answer

Spring forward funny memes
Spring forward funny memes

While giving exams, we tend to forget some answer and we can't remember how much we try to. This damage our prospect in the exam.

I was giving an exam on the environment in the college. In the question paper, there was a question whose answer was known to me. But that moment I can't remember it, I tried a lot, think about the topic but still, the answer never came in my mind. It was quite disappointing for me to leave the answer blank.

When I reached home, the answer immediately came into my mind. I was feeling so helpless that time thinking if I had the option now to go to the exam hall and write that answer. I told my mom about what happened in the exam hall and she said not to think about it and I must focus on the next exam. This is one of the Spring forward funny memes on forgetting the answer.

Funny memes about spring forward- Ignoring my friend

Spring forward funny memes
Spring forward funny memes

Sometimes in life, you want to avoid someone for whatever reasons. That person can be your relative, your friend or anybody. 

My friend wanted some study notes from me as he did not have those. Earlier I had given various such notes to him but he forgot to return it to me. I had remembered him many times about it but he avoided the situation beautifully. This time he told me that he will visit my house to collect those notes. But I wanted to avoid him badly.

I went to one of my relatives house and remained there for a couple of hours. While leaving their house, I thought already it was too late, so my friend has definitely left my house. On reaching home my mom told me that my friend has come, waited for me and left long ago. So my intention was successful. This was one of the Spring forward funny memes on ignoring my friend.

Funny spring forward memes- Not following instructions

Spring forward funny memes
Spring forward funny memes

In the office, you have to follow the instructions from your boss but sometimes we can't perform as per expectations from our office boss which make them very upset.

A manager of a company once ordered one of his employees to meet someone for official purposes. That employee also had other appointments, so he met all of them first. Finally, when he went to meet that particular person in his office, he found that guy has already left. He then became a little worried thinking what his boss will say about it.

When he returned office, the manager asked whether you met that person or not. He said no, his boss became angry and said, 'Why couldn't you meet him earlier'?  His boss said this shows you are unprofessional. The employee said sorry and this type of mistake will not happen next time. This is one of the Spring forward funny memes on not following instructions.

Spring forward memes- Argument with husband

Spring forward funny memes
Spring forward funny memes

When we are roaming in a shopping mall, we find certain things so attractive that we want to buy that immediately. But sometimes due to lack of money, we could not buy that.

A wife in a shopping complex saw a furniture which she loved at first sight. She asked the shopkeeper about its price and decided to call her husband immediately. But the husband said he was busy in a conference. She then told the shopkeeper that she wants to book that furniture and within 24 hours he will get a reply whether she is buying or not and the shopkeeper agreed on it.

Her husband returned home at night but she couldn't speak to him as he slept early. In the morning she told him about that furniture and wanted him to buy it for her. He said, 'I am not in a mood to argue with you right now, I will think about it later'. He also asked whether she had brushed her teeth or not. This was one of the Spring forward funny memes on arguing with the husband.

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