Weird funny memes- Weirdest memes for laugh and fun

Weird funny memes- Memes sometimes can be bizarre, but its fun element will always remain. But memes will vary from time to time. So here are my funny weird memes which I have written for you.

Funny weird memes- Loving fruits

Weird funny memes
Weird funny memes

We love various fruits but when we have to choose our favourite fruit we sometimes get confused. This confusion has become part of our life.

I love mango, apple, banana, orange and many other fruits. Among those, I love mango and apple the most. One day one of my friends asked me, 'Which is your favourite fruit'? I was confused about what to reply to him. When I want to say apple is my favourite fruit, mango comes into my mind and when I want to say mango is my favourite, apple comes into my mind.

My friend was asked me, 'Why you are taking so much time to answer'?  I couldn't give a proper answer to him but finally told him it's tough for me to choose one particular fruit as my favourite because I love many fruits. This is one of the Weird funny memes on whether I love mango or apple. 

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Weird but funny memes- Drawing

Weird funny memes
Weird funny memes

When we have done something for the first time and somebody praises you for that, it brings some kind of positivity in your life.

In childhood, I used to draw a lot. Whatever my teacher used to teach us in the drawing class, I used to practice them at home. One day I decided to draw an elephant, though it was quite tough for me but somehow I managed to draw it. My mom saw it and said you have done quite ok, now you must show this to your father.

I was nervous at first thinking what would my father say about my drawing. He watched the drawing of an elephant and said, 'I am quite impressed, try to improve more next time'. I was very excited and it boosted my confidence. From then on, I started drawing on varieties of things and my parents used to judge it. This was one of the Weird funny memes on the drawing.

Weird memes funny- Swimming class

Weird funny memes
Weird funny memes

Suppose you have joined a coaching class and your class is today but someone tells you not to go there without any valid reason then your brain must be thinking about that.

A boy apart from his studies had a passion for swimming. He had joined a swimming class a month ago and was happy with their training. One day he was about to leave for the swimming class, suddenly his mom told him not to go there today. He asked, 'Why mom, why should I not go'?  Mom said, ' There must be some reason that's why I am telling you, son'. 

He was really surprised because his mom is not telling any reason for not going to the class. He again asked, 'Is any guest will be coming to our house'? Mom said, 'No and don't ask me so many questions'.  The boy could do nothing about it so he decided not to attend the swimming class. This is one of the Weird funny memes on swimming class.

Weirdest memes- Fullness of the stomach

Weird funny memes
Weird funny memes

There have been many such situations when you want to eat something but cannot do so because your stomach is full. In that case, someone else may eat your food.

On one Sunday, a wife has cooked various recipes for her family. Her husband was very happy because most of the recipes she cooked was his favourite. His son jokingly told him, 'Papa, don't eat all the recipes alone, please leave some for us too'. The husband quickly readied for lunch and started eating along with his son. 

After eating all the recipes, his wife said that she had prepared a soup for him and he must taste it. He said with folded hands, 'I can't eat anymore, my stomach is completely full'. His wife again told him to try eating the soup but he refused her politely. Finally, his son tasted the soup. This is one of the Weird funny memes on the fullness of the stomach.

Weird but funny memes- Sweet curd

Weird funny memes
Weird funny memes

If you loved a recipe very much and someone invites you to eat that particular food, life to you that time feels more than beautiful.

In summer my one of friend invited me to his house to discuss our future plan. We discussed how to move ahead in life and after that, his mom prepared some snacks for us. I told her that I will not eat anything now. Then she said that she had prepared a sweet curd at home and I must taste it. Hearing about sweet curd made me feel that I am in a dreamland.

I love sweet curd very much, so I immediately said, ' Aunty, I will taste your homemade curd'. She gave me a bowl of curd, I ate it and it was so tasty that I asked her, 'Can I taste a little more'? She happily agreed and gave me another bowl of curd. I must say it was such a wonderful day for me. This is one of the Weird funny memes on sweet curd.

Weird memes funny- Disruption of work

Weird funny memes
Weird funny memes

Before the introduction of technology, we have to do office work manually most of the time but now with advanced technology, our job has become much easier.

A man has done some office work at home and he decided that rest of the work he will do while going to the office in a car. As per the plan, he was doing work in a tablet in the car. Suddenly he started facing some problems in the tablet while working. At first, he thought it may be a network issue and it will be solved automatically within a few minutes.

After trying repeated times he became worried thinking if he cannot complete the whole work then what reply he will give to his boss at the office. He then started thinking what excuse can he give at the office of not completing the work. This is one of the Weird funny memes on the disruption of work.


I hope in my post on Weird funny memes, you have liked the different memes which I have created, and I am hoping for your comments below. 

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