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 Funny meme captions- We love to smile more and for that, we need to read more memes because memes can give us a reason to smile. Here are some funny memes with captions below.

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Funny memes with caption- Apple

Funny meme captions
Funny meme captions

If you love a particular fruit and someone tells you to share it with them, you may not like it. Still, you may have to share it with him with extreme unhappiness.

A boy loves apple a lot. He used to eat 3, 4 apples a day. Not only that even in college he used to take many apples with him. His father sometimes become angry because more apples he brought home, the more he eats. One day in college during lunchtime, he was eating apples and two of his friends were looking at him thinking at least he will offer them to eat.

When the boy did not offer them to eat, they went near him and asked, 'Hey, why don't you share your apples with us'? The boy didn't like their idea and asked, ' Guys, haven't you brought lunch from home'? The boy also said, 'Sorry friend, these apples are for me only'. This is one of the funny meme captions on the apple.

Meme captions funny- Disagreement on travelling

Funny meme captions
Funny meme captions

Many people love travelling but sometimes our choices of travelling destinations become different, which may create confusion.

A man was planning to travel for a long time but could not get time due to his work pressure. After a month he got enough time for travel. He decided that he will go to London and told his parents and sister about it. His sister became very happy but his father said, 'Why you choose London, I am not interested in going there'.

Then the man asked, 'Ok, tell me where you want to go'?  His father said that he is interested in going to Sri Lanka. Then his son said, 'My favourite place is not Sri Lanka, so I will not go there'. Then the man's sister said, 'Don't fight like a child, please choose a place where you both wants to go'. This is one of the funny meme captions on the disagreement on travelling.

Caption memes- T-shirt

Funny meme captions
Funny meme captions

Can anyone tell when we become happier? There are many reasons for happiness but when you get your favourite gift from someone you become happier.

I got various gifts from my relatives, friends and I am happy about it. In Christmas, I used to get gifts like cake, pastries etc and I loved eating them. During the last Christmas, my aunt came to my house with a gift for me. I asked her, 'What gift you have bought for me'?  She told, 'Just open and see it yourself'. I again asked, 'Is it something special'?

She again told me to open it. When I opened, I saw it is my favourite t-shirt. By thanking her, I asked, 'how would you that this is my favourite t-shirt'?  She laughingly replied, 'It's very simple to know because your mom has told me'. I immediately wore the t-shirt and asked her, 'How am I looking'? She said that I am looking handsome. This is one of the funny meme captions on the t-shirt.

Funny meme pictures with captions- Don't care attitude

Funny meme captions
Funny meme captions

Sometimes we take certain decisions which are unpopular to someone but still we go ahead with it as we feel that is right.

In-office a task was given to the employees and was told to complete it within a month. All the employees were in a huddle on how to complete this task. One of the employee planned to do the task in a different way. His other colleagues were surprised and asked, 'Why are you doing this work in this way'? He said that it was his choice and he thinks it is the correct way.

After hearing it from him, other colleagues started laughing and said, 'You cannot achieve your target by doing it this way, you will lose'. He said, 'Make as much fun of me but I am least bothered, I will do the work in my own style'. This is one of the funny meme captions on the don't care attitude. 

Meme captions funny- Memorable day

Funny meme captions
Funny meme captions

Do you remember any day where you have got double happiness? I know it's very rare to find a day like this but sometimes we get such a day in our life.

A girl used to like a boy from the college days, she had proposed her many times but the boy did not respond to her in a proper way. She was also looking for a job and was giving job interviews but she got rejected every time. She again applied for a job interview and within a few days, she got a call from the office that she has been selected for the interview.

After giving the interview, within 24 hours someone from the office called her and said, 'Congrats, you are selected for the job'. She was celebrating her selection, suddenly a message came into her phone, she saw it was that boy's message whom she proposed earlier had accepted her proposal. This was a memorable day for her. This is one of the funny meme captions on the memorable day.

Funny memes with caption- Avoiding embarrassment

Funny meme captions
Funny meme captions

What we can do to avoid embarrassment? I think we can avoid doing a certain kind of work or not going to some places where we may not feel comfortable.

A man was dating a girl a few months ago, suddenly some differences cropped up between them and their relationship was ended. After that, they were not in touch with each other though they have some common friends. One such friend decided to organise a small party in his house, so he invited all the friends including the man and his ex-girlfriend.

After getting the invitation, the man called that friend and asked whether his ex-girlfriend was coming or not. That friend confirmed him about her participation in the party. He then started thinking about whether he should attend the party or not and to avoid embarrassment he decided not to attend the party. This is one of the funny meme captions on avoiding embarrassment.

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