Horrible funny memes- 6 funny memes you must read

 Horrible funny memes- Some memes are very funny, some are not. I create memes to make you happy and here are some funny horrible memes below for you.

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Funny horrible memes- So hungry I am

Horrible funny memes
Horrible funny memes

Suppose we are giving a speech in a meeting or speaking in a debate, that time if we feel like we are getting hungry then situation becomes uncomfortable for us.

A debate was organised in my college on how to improve the environment in the universities. I along with other students were asked to participate in that debate. We got excited as we thought that this was our chance to impress our professors.

The debate started, my other friends were asked to speak first. Finally, my turn came. I was speaking passionately as this subject is connected to my heart. In the middle of my speech, I felt my hunger was increasing but I don't know what to do.

I can't stop my speech then, since the topic was very complicated I have to talk more about it. But me getting hungry was bothering me. Somehow I completed my speech and ate after that. This is one of the horrible funny memes on so hungry I am.

Horrible but funny memes- Article published in a newspaper

Horrible funny memes
Horrible funny memes

Everyone wants fame, publicity and to get that they work hard in whatever field they are interested in. When they achieve their goal they became famous.

A man loves to write about travelling. He used to write about his experiences in travel in a blog. He used to read posts of other popular travel bloggers to learn how they are writing their articles. His family was always supportive of what he was doing.

After 2 years, he has gained a lot of knowledge in travelling and his blog has become quite popular. One day a reputed newspaper contacted him and requested to publish one article in their newspaper. He was very happy and accepted their proposal.

He felt that 2 years of hard work is giving results, now he will be more popular and many people will know him through his writing. This is one of the horrible funny memes on an article published in the newspaper.

Horribly funny memes- Call unreachable

Horrible funny memes
Horrible funny memes

When we try to contact someone through phone call, sometimes we had to face some disturbances in the call due to technical issues.

A boy got a chance to study in one of the popular university in the USA.  Definitely, he was happy along with his parents but at the same time, his mom was a bit sad as her son is going far way to study. She will be missing him very much.

His parents went to the airport to say goodbye to him. The boy promised that he will always be in touch with them. After 1 day his mom was trying to contact him through phone to know whether he has reached safely or not.

But whenever she tries to call him, she found that the call was unreachable. She became very tensed thinking about her son, some bad thoughts came into her mind. After trying multiple times she finally contacted him. This is one of the horrible funny memes on the call being unreachable.

Funny memes about being horrible- Last day in the college

Horrible funny memes
Horrible funny memes

Last day in school life or college, we became very sad because not only we will miss our parents but also our teachers too.

When I joined college, I felt good that I may get more freedom there than school but when I thought that I have to study more then I became a bit depressed. Then in college, I made many new friends, developed a special bond with our teachers.

In this way, I spend 3 years in college and at last, the final day of my college came. We became sad, some were even crying. I told them, 'Guys, we have spend a memorable 3 years in college, let's make this day more memorable'. 

I told them why not party today and finish our college life happily. They all agreed and we partied after our college was over. This is one of the horrible funny memes on the last day at the college.

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Horrible but funny memes- Unknown person

Horrible funny memes
Horrible funny memes

Suppose you are talking to your friends and if someone whom you don't know comes near you, you may feel uncomfortable.

I went to the birthday party of my friend's father. Lots of guests had arrived there along with our group of friends.  The friend's father's wife has prepared the birthday cake and it was looking wonderful. The cake was very tasty and yummy.

We friends were chatting at one place in the room. I saw a man looking at us. I thought it was a non-serious issue so I didn't give importance at all. After a few minutes, I saw that man was coming near us. I told this to my other friends.

That man came near us and asked, 'Can you tell me where the toilet is'? So, finally, I got relieved and also I guided him. This is one of the horrible funny memes on the unknown person.

Funny memes about being horrible- Being unmarried forever

Horrible funny memes

Whether a person should marry or not is his personal choice but every parents want their son or daughters to get married.

A boy was doing a good job for a few years. His parents were discussing among themselves about that they will ask him whether he is ready for marriage or not. The son returned from the office, then ate something and went to his parents room.

They asked him that whether he is engaged with any girl or not. He denied it completely, then they asked him, 'When will you want to marry'?  He said, 'I don't want to think about it and I am not interested in marrying'.

After hearing it, his parents became very disappointed and asked him to tell the reason for his decision to not marry. He said that he wants to leave alone as that gives him more happiness. This is one of the horrible funny memes on being unmarried forever.


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