Sarcastic surprise meme- Top 6 sarcastic memes for you

 Sarcastic surprise meme- Memes are definitely funny but memes with surprise element are more awesome to read. Here are some sarcastically surprised meme below.

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Sarcastically surprised meme- Getting surprise soon

Sarcastic surprise meme
Sarcastic surprise meme

We love to get surprises every time, if the surprise was good then it brings more happiness in our lives.

A boy has gone to a party with other friends. They were enjoying with each other. Some people were seen dancing there as loud music was going on. While eating one friend told the boy that they are meeting after a long time.

The boy asked him about his health and family. Suddenly his friend said, 'I think you may get a surprise soon'. The boy was confused thinking why he is telling about surprise. He asked him, 'Are you going to get married'?

He told him not to get excited and just wait for the surprise. This is one of the sarcastic surprise meme on getting surprise soon.

Complete surprise sarcastic meme- Surprising news

Sarcastic surprise meme
Sarcastic surprise meme

News are good, bad and exciting. We read the news every day, some news makes us happy, we are surprised at some news also.

One of my close friends is not a dessert lover but I am a dessert lover. Whenever we go to restaurants, he ate everything but when I used to offer him desserts, he always said no. I told him many times to taste it once but he always refused to do so.

One day while I was doing some work at home, my phone ranged. I did not pick up the phone as I was busy but it was ringing multiple times. Then I saw my friend was calling me, so I took his call. He said that some good news is waiting for me.

He told me that he has ordered some sweets today for tasting. I can't believe what I was hearing, I was shocked. I thought it was false news. But after listening to my friend, I became thrilled. This is one of the sarcastic surprise meme on surprising news.

Sarcastic not surprised meme- Meaning of surprise

Sarcastic surprise meme
Sarcastic surprise meme

When we are not in a good mood if someone gives us a good surprise our mind gets refreshed. So surprises are necessary sometimes.

A little boy doesn't want to drink milk. When he sees someone coming near him with a glass of milk he just runs away from them. His parents were very worried thinking about that if he does not drink milk how will he get strength.

One day his mother told the boy, 'Son, please drink milk, you will get a surprise'. The boy could not understand the meaning of surprise. He asked, 'Mom, what is a surprise'?  Mom told him to drink milk first, you will get it.

The boy thought maybe it is some kind of chocolate, so he drank the milk quickly. In the evening his father brought chocolates for him, he became happy. This is one of the sarcastic surprise meme on the meaning of surprise.

Meme surprised face- Outstanding results

Sarcastic surprise meme
Sarcastic surprise meme

When you are not expecting a good result but you found your results are good then it surprises not only you but others also.

A college girl has given a final exam a few weeks ago. She was confident of herself that her results will be good. Her teachers were not convinced that her results will be better. Actually, she was not that studious and used to bunk college most of the times.

Her parents were also worried about her results. They told her, 'You should have prepared well for the exam'. She told them not to worry as her results will be good. She told them that you will be surprised after seeing her results.

So the result came out, she scored well in all the subjects. Her teachers and parents, both were surprised and happy. This is one of the sarcastic surprise meme on outstanding results.

Sarcastically surprise meme- Surprise on girlfriend

Sarcastic surprise meme
Sarcastic surprise meme

Girlfriends can give good surprises whether you like it or not. Sometimes their surprise can be very nasty.

A boy's friend has come from abroad after a long period. Both the friends have planned something new that they will do during this period. Firstly, they decided to go to the cinema hall to watch a movie. 

The boy also had a girlfriend, she also wanted to meet him on the day on which both the friends have planned to watch a movie. He told her that some guests will be coming to his house so he can't meet her that day.

In the cinema hall, his friend saw his girlfriend who came with her friend to watch a movie. His friend told the boy that your girlfriend is here also, the boy became scared thinking what she will think if she saw him. This is one of the sarcastic surprise meme on the surprise on girlfriend.

Complete surprise sarcastic meme- Bad surprise

Sarcastic surprise meme
Sarcastic surprise meme

We don't want to get a surprise which was bad because it may make us sad or unhappy.

A boy in school used to love all the teachers except the geography teacher. That teacher was very strict and used to scold the students most of the time without any reason.

One day in school, the boy heard that their geography teacher has not come. Not only the boy but other students in the class also became delighted hearing the news. But when the geography period came they foud their geography teacher has arrived.

Naturally, the boy's mood became off as it looks to him as a bad surprise. All other student's smile also got disappeared. This is one of the sarcastic surprise meme on the bad surprise.


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