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About me

Hi, my name is Priyabrataa Ganguly. I was born and brought up in Kolkata, West Bengal, India.  I have completed my schooling from South Point, my graduation in BA was completed from Calcutta University. 

I am a bit moody, fun-loving guy and a very possessive foodie. Sometimes in my off time, I try to cook new recipes and taste it with my friends, well-wishers.

When and why I started blogging

After completing college, I started working in MNC as a marketing consultant. But after a few months, I left my job due to a lack of interest in it. One day I just casually wrote an article about my office experience. Though the writing was ordinary, I loved it.

Slowly, I started writing about various topics and would send them to my friend's, relatives. Their response was good and my confidence was increasing. I joined WeMedia, which is an online platform for writers to earn money. For some time I wrote articles there, earned money and most importantly gained experience.

A very close friend of mine one day told me about blogging and its benefits. I researched it on Google and found some interesting facts about blogging. I made up my mind that I will start a blog and on 20th February 2020, I created my blog named Baablumeme.

What my blog is about

My blog Baablumeme is about funny memes, jokes. I will write about different memes, analyse them so that you can understand it properly and enjoy reading it.  I choose to write about funny topics because my readers will enjoy it and my main intention is to see them smiling.

Finally, I hope you will love my blog, I need all your blessings and support so that I can write good articles for you forever.

Thank you

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